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Jennifer Hayes

Jennifer Hayes is a contemporary abstract painter who lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri. Jennifer creates her signature style by layering many colors using a variety of tools including palette knives, brushes and unusual found objects. She aims to create artwork that grabs the viewer from across the room with its bright bold colors but upon closer inspection lets the fine intricate details reveal themselves. She finds deep satisfaction creating work with so many layers and intrigue. 

Born in 1973 Hayes’s artistic journey began while growing up in the coastal town of Coronado, California where she pursued art throughout her educational career. Life became very full with marriage and children and art making had taken a quiet backseat until the sudden loss of her husband and the father of their young children in 2007. This life changing personal tragedy reignited her passion to make art her living. Carpe diem (seize the day) became her new motto. Hayes passionately re-emerged herself in the world of art, pursuing educational and exhibition opportunities and evolving her unique eclectic style. She developed an extensive following of collectors who love to surround themselves with her figurative and abstract work. Today her paintings are in hundreds of private and public collections around the country as well as internationally. She has been featured in exclusive locations such as the Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis, private airport Jet Linx and Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Celebrity Chef Hubert Keller embraced her work featuring her paintings in his restaurants in San Francisco, St.Louis and Las Vegas. 

Jennifer Hayes welcomes the opportunity to work directly with clients as well as designers and enjoys creating custom site specific paintings for unique spaces. "It is a great joy to work with the client and create custom pieces just for them. I love it when I introduce my paintings into a new space and have the BRIGHT BOLD COLOR transform their world! Being an artist has given me the ability to express myself and connect with people in such a positive way. I'm truly thankful and excited about every day, each client and every painting I create. I hope you feel the passion in my work!"

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