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Dreamscapes Triptych | 48"x48"

Dreamscapes Triptych | 48"x48"

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48"x48" each

Acrylic on canvas.

2020 : The Four Seasons Collection

"Dreamscapes is a triptych that celebrates the space between our conscious lives where our minds are able to freely float and wander. These paintings represent the merging of intentional use of brushwork with the undefinable and unexplainable reaction of water, gravity and dehydration. Repeating layers only slightly obscure what came before building in increasingly selective areas and amounts. These three pieces can be exhibited side by side with a couple of inches or feet between them or stacked vertically up a architectural feature. They could also be used scattered throughout a space to resonate and unify."


Pieces are sold as trio only. Price reflects purchasing ALL 3 pieces. 


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